What happened at my first college meetup

A few weeks ago, I had my first college meet up. As you guys know, Samantha and I are on our way out of high school and going to college. Well not yet, but in a few months. 
Once you get accepted to the college you are attending, you will be added to a FB group. The FB groups lead to GroupMe groups, which then lead to texting groups. I was added into a texting group with 12 other girls from my area (all around NYC). All excited about attending Bucknell, we decided to plan a meet up. One night, we all headed into the city for our first “college-like” experience. 
Before I explain what actually happened that night (actually, I won’t really be explaining much), I wanted to describe my personality with you guys. At first, I am a very shy person; I don’t mind being alone and I only enjoy spending time with people I like and relate to. Once I get to know someone, I step out of my shell and am way more outgoing. Going into the meetup, I was very nervous. I was hoping to meet some girls before college just so I would have familiar faces when I got there. I embarked on this journey to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. 
When I got to the city, I was shocked. Some of the girls I was meeting were incredibly rude and just straight up mean. I really had a bad night. 
On my way home, I was so angry at myself. I was disappointed I chose a university that attracted these types of girls. I called one of my friends who immediately calmed me down. As a freshman in college who went through this process just last year, she told me these meetups were nothing like college itself. Meetups are chances to meet people who come from your area. My friend told me she went home after all of them and sobbed. She also told me that in college you will find your people. It may take a few months, but I’ll find the girls (and guys) who support and love me. I’ll find people who lift me up instead of dragging me down. 
In my life now, I have created a positive atmosphere. I have eliminated all the negative people and only focused on those who really care about be. 
To avoid more random rambling, I’ll explain the point of this post; if you are in a situation similar to mine (going to college), or just in a new situation in general, there will be ups and downs. But it is VERY important to know that meeting a few people is not an accurate representation of the group as a whole. I know I will find my people next year. I know I will find my best friends. Those people just might not be those who come from my area😊
I apologize for such an “all over the place” post, but hopefully you got something out of it.

Love you guys and have an incredible week.


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