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Yesterday, I was at Sephora and I noticed a ton of huge displays promoting new and unique products. I thought it would be fun to do a quick roundup of some of these products to let you guys know what's out there and what products you'll probably see a lot of hype about in the coming weeks.

  • Dr. Jart Shake and Shot Rubber Masks - These masks come in adorable little smoothie-cup-looking containers and the display case set them up to look like a refrigerator. These already have amazing reviews, so I'm super excited to try these (especially the Brightening Mask - I'll keep you updated as soon as I try it!) 
  • Too Faced Life's A Festival Eyeshadow Palette - This palette also comes in super fun and girly packaging and features 12 candy colored eyeshadows and 1 highlighter/eyeshadow. The colors are definitely a bit bright and out there, not something I'd use often enough to justify a purchase, but they all swatched beautifully and were extremely pigmented.  
  • Violet Voss The Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette - This is another eyeshadow palette with bright packaging and extremely bright shadows. Again, not quite my style, but I did swatch it and they were super buttery and pigmented. 
  • Benefit BadGal Bang Volumizing Mascara - I've tried all the other Benefit mascaras, so I was super excited to see this one. However, I didn't love this one. It clumped and I did find that it ran very easily, even though it's supposed to be waterproof. I'll give it another try, but as of right now, I'm not a fan. 
  • Peace Out Pores - These are detoxifying strips that are meant to help clear your pores and minimize them. They are incredible and I completely recommend them! They work wonders and worked really well on sensitive skin. I've always seen their acne healing spots in the checkout line so I'm already thinking about going back to test those out as well. 

Ok, so these are just a few of the new things I've seen at Sephora. I'll definitely keep you guys updated about my thoughts on these, but as always, let me known down below what you think of them! 



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