Breaking Bad Habits

Hey guys!

So at the beginning of this year I decided to not set many New Years resolutions. Instead, I would set a goal for the month, and work towards it every day. 

For the month of February I want to break my worst habit: Snacking. 

Whenever I am bored, I turn to food; food has become an activity, not just something I need to live. I first realized this was a problem when I heard Dani (@CoffeebreakwithDani) talk about the same situation. This has become a very bad issue because I eat to feel better and to make myself feel good. 

Another bad part of the snacking is my love for sugar. I love sugar. Always have and always will, but I realize that once I start eating it, I just don’t stop. My goal for this month is to cut down on processed sugars. When I crave sugar, I have started drinking more water. Not only am I hydrating myself, I am also preventing the bad loop of sugar withdrawal. 

I won’t do these posts every month, but I was wondering if you’d find them helpful sprinkled throughout the year…

I’ll keep you updated on my progress on Instagram stories!

What bad habits are you trying to break this year? Let me know down below!



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