6 Places To Look For Prom Dresses

If your high school is anything like my high school, girls have already begun their searches for the perfect prom dress. Many schools, mine included, have facebook groups where everyone posts pictures and info so no one ends up #twinning. So yeah, there can be a bit of pressure to find a gorgeous and unique prom dress. Today I'm going to share a list of few places you can look for prom dresses with all different types of budgets and styles in mind!

  • Lulu's - If you're looking for something affordable, Lulu's is the place to go. With most styles under $100 (a steal for a prom dress), you'll be sure to find something in your budget. They have tons of different styles from unique cutouts to bright prints. 
  • Prom Girl - This is the classic site for prom dresses! PromGirl actually carries other brands, but the site is great because it makes it much easier to compare styles, price points, and looks between brands. 
  • Windsor - Many sites seem to carry very similar styles, but everything at Windsor seems very unique. They're big on satin and sparkles, but don't worry there's something for everyone. 
  • Camille La Vie - This site has a much more boutique-y feel which I love, but it does come with a higher price tag. The dresses are all arranged in color, which is awesome because many girls already have a color in mind but don't know the exact style/fit, so this site makes it super easy to shop. 
  • Sherri Hill - Sherri Hill may be the most well known prom dress line. They're dresses are stunning, but are definitely a little pricey. You can't purchase anything online, but many department stores will carry them. Also, you can often find these dresses on crazy big sales at discount bridal/dress shops, so it's worth taking a look. 
  • Unique Vintage - If you're looking for something super unique and retro, check out Unique Vintage. This site puts a modern spin on tons of classic styles and you'll be sure to stand out in a crowd.
 A big tip if you're going to try on dresses, bring heels! Even if they're not the ones you'll actually be wearing, wearing heels changes your posture and it's nice to envision how it might actually look! 

So here you go, 6 awesome places to find prom dresses. I actually found mine at Lord & Taylor (another great place to check out), but I don't love their website and thought that had hundreds more dresses in person. As always, let me know of any other great places you know, I'm sure everyone would love some more suggestions! 



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