5 Ways To Show Yourself Some Love This Valentines Day

Can you believe its already almost Valentines Day? If you're thinking that you had way more time to find a date, I'm right there with you. Just kidding. Not really. Anyways, this Valentines day is def going to be more of a Galentines day, with tons of self love thrown in. Today I thought it would be fun to share 5 ways to spoil yourself this year for Valentines day.

  • Buy Yourself Some Candy - We all know that candy goes on mega sale the day after the 14th (also known as the 15th, haha) so we will all be stocking up then. But this year, indulge and buy yourself something delicious. And on speaking of food...
  • Eat Something Delicious - Who says you need to be on date to eat your favorite foods? In addition to the candy, treat yourself to a nice meal. Whether its pancakes at your favorite diner, a delivery of from your fave place that everyone else always outvotes, or some of your secret stash of frozen nuggets, make something you know you'll enjoy! 
  • Do Something Your Good At - This sounds incredibly cheesy, but it is the ultimate self-esteem booster and feel great about yourself (exactly what you want when you're having a day full of loving yourself). So if you like to draw, get out your sketch book. If you like to run, throw on your sneakers. 
  • Pamper Yourself - A nice bubble bath and a face mask are an absolute must! I'm always a fan of products with lavender, chamomile, or eucalyptus when I'm trying to have a spa/relaxation night. 
  • Go To Bed Early - Sleep seems to be the thing we are always overlooking. For the ultimate treat, make yourself go to bed 30 minutes earlier; your body and brain will thank you. 
So there you go, 5 awesome ways to show yourself some love this Valentines day. These are all a little cheesy, but we so often forget loving ourselves that these are all incredibly important. Don't forget to share any of your favorite ways down below, I'd love to hear them! 



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