What a typical weekend looks like for me

Hey guys!
In today's post, I explain what a typical weekend looks like. As you guys just found out, I am a senior in high school. So let's just get onto my weekend...

Friday afternoon, school gets out at 2, so I’m home by 2:10. I usually spend Friday afternoons relaxing before going out at night. On nights I am staying in town, I’ll leave my house at 7 and go for dinner with friends. After dinner, we go to a someone’s house to hang out. Then I will make my way home sometime between 12 and 1 am. At home, I will shower, wash my face, and get ready for bed.  

On nights I am going to New York City, I will start getting ready around 5 and catch a 7 o’clock train with friends. We will go for dinner, or to wherever we have planned activities for the night. Then we will take an 11 o’clock train home and get home around midnight.

On Saturdays, I will wake up between 9 and 11. I always aim for 9 but end up sleeping in longer. Then I go downstairs and make myself breakfast. On Saturdays, I aim to do most of my homework. I will spend the afternoon doing work and then repeat the same nightly process again. If I am doing something like going into the city, I will start getting ready earlier. If I am staying local, I will just go pick up some friends for dinner and then either go to a movie or hang at home.

Sundays are always rough. I wake up around 9-11 (usually closer to 11) and get breakfast. Then I will run any errands I have to do. I typically go to Target, the mall, CVS, or any other place on my list. I get home mid-afternoon and clean my room. For me, having a clean, organized room is a must. I love starting the week off with everything in its place. Around 7, I will have dinner with my family, then head upstairs to be productive. Sunday nights are usually the time I am the most productive. I will catch up on English reading, finish any homework I failed to complete on Saturday, and write my blog posts for the week. Then I will respond to any business emails and do other administrative things for my blog. Sunday evenings, I also typically do a pamper routine. I will take a bath or an extra-long shower, use a face mask, and get myself ready for another long stressful week. I like to go to bed around 10 or 11 on Sundays to make sure I am fully rested for an early wake-up Monday morning.

Hopefully you found this post somewhat interesting. I'd love to know what your weekend looks like, so be sure to leave a comment down below. Love you guys!


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