4 New Workouts To Try

A while back, I did a round up of a few 1000 Calories Workouts I found on Pinterest. I had tons of fun trying those out so I thought I would come back and share a few more! These aren't specifically 1000 calorie workouts, just ones I found that looked high-energy, high-intensity, and tons of fun to try! So, just when everyone thought we would all fall off our New Year's Resolutions, try out some of these workouts.

I am absolutely obsessed with this workout! First of all, it kind of killed me. I almost never do intervals and so getting my heart rate super high in a very short amount of time was different/challenging but so worth it. I completely recommend this workout to anyone looking to sweat a little. 

This is a great workout because it requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. If you're looking for a complete workout, I do recommend adding a cardio component to this, only because this didn't take a super long time. But if you're looking for a little bodyweight blaster to try out, I really recommend this one. 

This is a great cardio workout that can be done without any equipment. The 35 pushups followed by 30 burpees are a killer, just warning you. I also recommend doing power jacks or at least being sure to get your heart rate up during the jumping jacks part because thats your cardio portion and you really want to make the most of that. 

Another awesome body weight workout! My one question though, what is a bird dog? I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything so I did a combo of super mans and bridges. This is another workout I recommend trying to do twice through, it's great but a little short! 

So here you go, 4 great new workouts to try! I really did enjoy all of these and recommend them to anybody looking for something new to add to their workout routine. As always, let me know any of your favorites, I'd love to hear them! 



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