Why I haven't worn makeup in 2 weeks

Yes. You read the title correctly! 

It's been exactly 2 weeks since I put ANY makeup on my face (translucent powder, mascara, concealer...). Yes, this is primarily a beauty blog. Yes, I LOVE testing out new makeup. Yes, I have so much new makeup to test out. But I have my reasons for taking a few weeks off. 

You see, I have pretty bad skin. Everyone tells me my skin is fine, but I am unhappy with it. I have tried cream after cream and nothing has worked, so I decided to do a makeup cleanse. I challenged myself to go 2 weeks without putting anything but skincare products on my face and I did it! 

Unfortunately, my skin has not cleared up completely, but I do think avoiding makeup has helped with some of my texture. I also think my skin has become less oily. Since I have not used powder to absorb the oils, the oils sit on my skin, decreasing the oil production. Always a plus in my book:)

While going makeupless for the past two weeks did not help accomplish my goal (clear skin), I learned so much that I would like to share with you! 

1. I forget I am not wearing any makeup
2. It is freeing to go without makeup
3. I have cared less about my appearance when it really does not matter (ex: school)
4. When I dress up, people will notice a difference! 
5. I have at least a solid 10 extra minutes every morning.

If you are in a situation where it is possible, go a few days without any makeup and see how you feel! 

I'd love to know your experiences. 

I apologize for this crazy post, but this week has been insane. I'll explain a little more on Tuesday! Have an incredible weekend, and thank you so much for reading.


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