Prepping Your Face For Makeup

While December means the holidays, for dancers, it also means Nutcracker Season. If I've missed a few posts over the past few weeks, it's because I've been crazy busy in rehearsals. So with big performances coming up, I need to do full makeup for the stage. And when I say "full" I mean "full - fake lashes, enough foundation to make my pores cry, and a crazy combo of de-matifying products to combat sweat but also products to give a dewy glow. Today I thought I would share a few tips for how to prep your face, so your skin will say "thank you" even with what feels like pounds of makeup on. And FYI, this post isn't just for stage makeup, it can be used as a guide for whenever you're getting ready.

For stage makeup in particular, the first thing I do is try to get my hair done. I know this may seem a little backwards, but if I'm essentially using an entire bottle of hairspray, I want to be able to wash my face after.

This should go without saying, but the first real step whenever I put on makeup (and this goes for everyday makeup, not just more intense looks) it to wash my face. Lately I've been testing out various  face washes and cleansers so I don't have a "holy grail" or a "tried and true" cleanser yet, but I will let you guys know when I officially find something I love (also let me know if you have any other recommendations).

Next, I moisturize my face. I usually do a deep or more intense/hydrating moisturizer at night, but in the mornings I apply moisturizer around any acne/dry spots. One of my least favorite things ever (ok, maybe not ever, but it's up there) is when I have acne that seems to peel/flake underneath my foundation/concealer. Applying a little bit of moisturizer, I usually use the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Moisturizer or the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intense Hydration Moisturizer, helps minimize this and makes the rest of my makeup go on smoother.

After, I splash a bit of cold water on my face. And I literally mean "splash". I know it might be a myth but I've heard that cold water is supposed to close pores, or at least minimize their appearance. And hey, with as much makeup as I'm using, I'll do anything to help minimize them.

Next, I exfoliate my lips. The last thing I want is chapped lips so I try to use an exfoliator and then a lip balm (I only use Aquaphor Lip Repair because I legitimately do not believe anything else works). I try to do this well in advance of applying lipstick because I want to give it a few minutes to sink in.

Then, I use a primer on my face. Lately, I've been using Benefit the Porefessional to minimize the appearance of pores or Stila One Step Correct to cancel out any redness/acne on my face. I usually apply the primer with a makeup sponge over my entire face.

After, I use an eyeshadow primer. An eyeshadow primer, like the Urban Decay Primer Potion, will help add a base for your eyeshadow, take care of oily lids, and will keep your eyeshadow from creasing.

Finally, I apply my makeup as usual. I won't get into this today (that's a whole other post for another day), but I don't worry I will write a post about it.

So, here it is! Let me know if you guys have any other tips for prepping your face for makeup, I'd love to hear them!



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