7 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

I have a love/hate relationship with Secret Santa Gift Exchanges. On one hand, who doesn't love an extra reason to get into the holiday spirit? But on the other, it can be so hard to think of a creative/interesting/funny/not-boring gift to give, especially if you're not super close with the person. Today I thought I would share a few last minute (because honestly we're getting down to it) Secret Santa (or hidden holiday or whatever other non-denominational thing it's called) gifts.

  • Movie Kit - This is one of my personal favorite gifts to give because it is super easy to customize and change up depending on the recipient. Add a few packets of popcorn, boxed movie theater candy, and even a movie if it's in the budget (you can find some pretty cheap ones at Target), and add them to a popcorn container. If you know what the person's in to, get them a movie you know they'll love or fill up your coworkers basket with the candy they always steal from you desk. 
  • Tea/Coffee Kit - This one's simple, just add several different mini containers of coffee or tea to a mug or travel cup and call it a day. You can always jazz it up by adding a fun spoon, some delicious cookies, or even some hot cocoa mix. 
  • Ice Cream Kit - I absolutely love ice cream, and if I received this gift, I would be so happy. To a pretty ice cream bowl, add a spoon/ice cream scoop and then several mini mason jars/containers filled with ice cream toppings. I recommend adding sprinkles, m&ms, or chocolate sauce. 
  • Mini Ping Pong Set - A great gift for the person who gets a little antsy just sitting at their desk all day. 
  • Crazy Socks - I am in love with the idea of crazy socks as the perfect, personalized gift. Try Obama socks for the next Prez, avocado socks for the basic b****, or bananas on skateboard socks for the goofball. 
  • TV Show Apparel - If you know what your recipient likes, gifting TV show apparel or knick knacks is a great way to customize a gift. Mugs, tees, or stickers make great gifts and can be an awesome way to show off some #Grey'sAnatomy or #StrangerThings or #ThisIsUs or #HIMYM pride. 
  • An Inside Joke - The best Secret Santa gifts are by far the funny inside jokes. You know, the weird, awkward, or embarrassing things only the recipient will understand. 

So here you go, 7 great Secret Santa gifts! I always love these types of gift exchanges but it can be so hard to think of things within budget that aren't just bags of candy or lame hand creams. Let me know anything you're planning on giving for a gift exchange this year, I'd love to hear them! 



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  1. I'm really hoping for those avocado socks this year (bc I guess I'm just a basic b**** at heart) - pass it on to my Secret Santa if you know who it is ;)


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