5 Charities To Help Out This Holiday Season

Tis the season of giving - meaning to friends, family, and to those less fortunate. I truly believe that we should do everything we can, all year round, to make a difference in the world, but there's always a little extra push around the holidays. Today I thought I would share a few charities that I have found throughout the year and have really stuck with me! Just FYI, these aren't all holiday-themed charities, and I did try to include a few that I have been personally involved with, but they're all amazing charities and definitely deserve more attention.

  • Everybody Dance Now! - I actually interned with EDN! over the summer, and I am in love with their mission. As you guys probably know, dance has given me so much and I wish dance was something that everyone had the opportunity to experience. EDN! strives to bring dance classes to inner-city and under-funded areas, and a donation of $40 will provide a class for 15-30 students while a donation of $75 will fund one student's dance lessons for an entire year. 
  • The Small World Foundation - This is another charity that I was personally involved with, and again, I am absolutely in love with their mission. The Small World works to empower women and girls in the in Nepal. Any donations would be used in the homes for girls they have established or in the schools they have established. 
  • Family-to-Family - This organization works to bring sponsors together with families in need. Be matched with a family anywhere in the US, a holocaust survivor, a refugee family, or even a family in your neighborhood. Each donation will help provide groceries and other basic necessities. 
  • Toys For Tots - This organization provides toys for children during the holiday season. You can choose to donate money or drop off toys at local drop-offs locations (usually and members of the US Marines will deliver them! 
  • Adopt A Platoon - The organization works to send care packages and letters to deployed military personnel. Get involved by literally "adopting" a platoon or by donating money to help provide care packages and cover shipping costs. 

Ok, so here's my list. Let me know in the comments below some of your favorite charities and ways you're giving back this holiday season. 



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