What Different Shaped Makeup Sponges Are For

I've been on a kick with posting about makeup sponges recently, I really have no idea why. Today I thought I would do more of an informative post, talking about why there are approximately 10 million shapes of makeup sponges. I'm all for multi purposing, so this post is in no means saying that this is the only use for each type of sponge, its just a general guide.

  • Blender/Tear Drop Sponge - This sponge is the classic beauty blender sponge shaped like a fat tear drop. It's perfect for blending out liquid foundations or concealers over large areas to give an airbrushed finish. If you're just starting out, this is the sponge I recommend. 
  • Contouring Sponge - These sponges are the flat ovals or teardrops meant for contouring. These sponges are perfect for highlighters or bronzers and can be used with either liquid or cream products. 
  • Tapered Point Sponge - These are the sponges that come to a very thin point at the end. These are great for concealer because you get into really precise areas (like under your eyes).
  • Cosmetic Sponge - These are your generic all purpose sponges. Again, they're good for covering large areas, but due to their fat shape you can't get as particular as you can with a blender sponge. 
  • Cosmetic Wedges - These wedge sponges are cheap and available at almost every single drug store. These are perfect for liquid products, and they don't absorbs as much product as some of the other sponges which is great to save product. 
  • Flat End Sponges - These sponges are basically a combo or cosmetic wedges and the blender sponge, so again, they're great for "airbrushing" large areas. 
So there you have it, some of the most common makeup sponges on the market. I personally love the classic tear drop sponge, I think it's the most versatile and I use it almost every day for a smooth foundation look. Let me know in the comments below which sponges are your favorites! 



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