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Hi guys!

Over the past few months, I have integrated cream contouring into my everyday routine. Cream contouring is something you either love or hate. Yes, sometimes it isn't time efficient, but with practice, I find this to be the best and easiest way to contour quickly.

Today, I wanted to share my favorite cream contouring products: product and tools. I have not branched out and tried everything on the market, but out of the products I have tested out, these are my favorites.

-Fenty Beauty Match Stick in Mocha- The DAY Fenty beauty came out, I bought this cream contour. I was so excited to branch out and try high end contour sticks. First of all, Rihanna killed it with the shade selection on everything, so you are bound to find your perfect contour shade. In addition to launching separate contour sticks, you can always use a concealer stick a few shades darker to create the illusion of shadows. I love this contour stick for two reasons- 1. the shade and 2. how easy the product is to use. When people were reviewing these match sticks, the #1 complaint was that the product was stiff. I agree, I would never use this under my eyes as concealer for this reason. On the other hand, I do this a drier formula works perfectly with cream contouring. I take this stick and swirl it on the areas I want to contour (instead of swiping lines). I never get harsh lines and I am always able to blend out the product. (I'll talk more about the tools I use later in this post).

-Wet N' Wild Contour Stick in Where's Walnut- So unlike the Fenty match sticks, the WNW line only has 3 shades. Also unlike Rihanna's line, the WNW sticks cost $3. These contour sticks are very creamy (so less is more), but very blendable. I don't love the shade range for when I am fair, but when I have a tan these look beautiful. If you have a medium to deep skintone, I recommend checking these shades out. My only complaint about this product is that I have found myself in situations where the contour looks unblended. If you are a complete beginner at cream contouring, I would use the Fenty sticks or the product I will recommend next, but if you have some experience I really think these sticks are great products. Oh also, who doesn't want to save $$ on everyday essentials?!

-ELF Aqua Bronzer/Blush Duo in Bronzed Pink Beige- Unlike the two mentioned above, this product is a cream bronzer in a palette (meaning not in stick form). I really love this product because of the way it looks on the skin. When I want an all-over bronzed look, this is the product I go for. The blendability is incredible and the color is gorgeous (there are 3 other color options as well). Another plus, only $6 and will last you much longer than a contour stick!!

For the tools I like using....

-ELF Foundation Blurring Brush- I use this brush for absolutely everything-- Cream Bronzer, Blush, Foundation, Concealer... I love this shape and the way it blends product. Whether I am using the ELF cream bronzer or a contour stick, this brush never fails me. Like the bronzer, this brush is only $6!!

-Moda Contour Brush- A few weeks back, I posted a review on the Moda "Oval" Brushes. I mentioned this one was my favorite, so I figured I would mention it again! This too blends out product like a dream, and is not very expensive!

-Eco tools blender sponge- This has become my new love for everything! and cream products are no exception. I love using this most with the Fenty Match Stick because the moisture in the sponge helps blend out the product. The sponge itself is one of the softest I have ever tried, AND IT IS DRUGSTORE!!!!

Rereading this post, I realize that most of these products are drugstore! Yay affordable makeup!

Let me know what your thoughts on cream contouring are, and what products you love to use!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat a piece of turkey for me :)


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