Oldies but goodies

Hi guys!
I’m actually very excited to share today’s post with you because it is all about older makeup products.

Nowadays, so many products are being thrown at us that we forget our OG favorites. Many of these favorites have been forgotten because of products with better packaging or better advertising. I think it’s so important to go back to old favorites sometimes, so I decided to search though my collection and pull out products I used to love and use daily.

Starting with a drugstore favorite, the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is a product that should never be forgotten. For $5, this powder will keep you matte all day long. I forgot how much I loved this powder.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows were everyone’s favorite before morphe came along. For such a good price, these shadows were the best on the market. I recently pulled them back out again and forgot why I ever put them away! I will be placing another MUG order soon to test out more colors:)

L’Oreal true match foundation was the foundation. L’Oreal really killed it with the shade range (for light-medium to tan skin tones. They could add more shades for those with a dark complexion) and the formula suits so many people. The original formula was geared towards people with dry to oily skin types, while the true match lumi was for anyone with very dry skin or those who preferred a very luminous finish.

Maybelline babyskin primer was one of the first drugstore primers (if I remember correctly:)) about 5 years ago. Fun fact: this primer was one of my first reviews on this blog! The primer is a silicone based primer that smooths out the skin, but it stands out because of the good price tag. Instead of spending $40 for the same ingredients, you can get a very similar product for only $10. Good job Maybelline.

Benefit Hoola was the only bronzer people in the beauty community used. This is kind of a cheat product because a number of beauty gurus still use it, but I needed to give it a mention. This bronzer is the PERFECT tone for almost everyone with a light to medium complexion. It blends beautifully and is just overall an incredible product.

Anything from Clinique! I find that Clinique is such an underrated brand. I love so many of their products from the moisturizer to the mascaras to their blushes. Another plus of the brand is that it is much more affordable than other highend makeup brands! My holy grail favorite from them is the Moisture Surge Plus moisturizer.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about my old favorites! Although I clear out my collection frequently, I’ll try to find other “oldies but goodies” to share in another post!

Let me know what some of your favorites from back in the day are.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a great weekend:)



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