Moda Brush Set Review

Hey guys!
A few months back, Oval Artist brushes took over the beauty industry by storm. These brushes were innovative and never seen before, but also incredibly expensive. A brand found at Walmart (and online) decided to create similar preforming brushes for a much more affordable price.

Instead of $70 per brush, Moda by Royal and Langnickel came out with a set of 4 brushes for $24 (even cheaper if purchased from Walmart!!). The brush set comes with a large foundation brush, a contour brush, a concealer brush, and a pencil brush. Now, you can purchase the two of the brushes separately!

In general, I absolutely love these brushes. I am obsessed with the way they blend out makeup. I find the foundation brush really nice for every foundation I have tried it with. It is a very large brush so it covers a lot of area on your face. I use the third brush in for under-eye concealer and blending foundation in harder to reach areas. Since the foundation brush is so large, I find that sometimes I need to go in with the smaller brush to blend around my nose and between my eyebrows. 

The contour brush is by far my favorite brush in the kit. I use it to blend cream contour and it is an absolute dream to work. I am planning on posting an “All about Cream Contouring” post soon because I have been about cream contouring recently. In short, this brush makes dreams come true – it is so soft, yet dense, and blends product incredibly. The best part, is that this brush is sold separately! Click here to purchase the brush.

The smallest brush is said to be used for blending concealer or using on your lower lash line. I find the best purpose for this brush is to care out your brows. Many of you know that I do not fill in my brows, but I still like to conceal underneath for a more put together look. I find this brush does the job well!

Overall, I love these brushes and think they are worth your money. They are very high quality (I have never had an issue with shedding or falling apart when I washed them), for a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend them to you!

Let me know if you have tried these brushes or any other alternatives for the oval brushes and what your thoughts are!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a great weekend.


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