It's Not Too Late...Shows to Start Watching This Fall

Ok, I know that most of our favorite shows already came back last week, but like I said - it's not too late! As you probably know, I love TV so I was super excited for all the fall premiers! Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite shows and when/where you can catch them! Fun fact, I actually missed every single one of these shows when they aired, so dw if you did too.

  • Grey's Anatomy - I feel like I have been watching Grey's forever and I definitely agree that it has gone a little downhill in the last season, but I feel like I've gone too far to give up now. Catch Grey's Anatomy Thursdays at 8 on ABC or on Hulu if you missed it! 
  • Scandal - I know this one didn't come back yet, but it's a must watch when it does. I don't actually know when this one comes back, but I'll keep you updated for when it does. 
  • How To Get Away With Murder - Another Shonda show, this one did come back this past week. Watch Thursdays at 10 on ABC or on Hulu. 
  • This Is Us - Ugh my heart, as always! Don't miss it, Tuesdays at 9 on NBC or on Hulu if you missed it. 
  • Criminal Minds - I actually just started watching this show over the summer, and then may have accidentally ended up watching all 12 seasons. Yikes. Oh well, make sure to catch it Wednesdays on CBS at 10. 
  • Madam Secretary - You still have a week before this one come back so don't forget to make your calendars! Check it out Sunday at 10 on NBC! 
  • Riverdale - Another one you haven't missed yet! I definately need to go back and read some recaps before this airs, a ton happened in the first season! Watch it out Wednesdays at 8 on the CW. 
  • Shameless (US) - I know, I can't believe I'm watching this show. I'm actually still a little behind but hopefully by the time this airs in November, I'll be caught up. This one starts in the beginning of November, so you have some time. Don't miss it Sundays at 9 on Showtime. 

Ok, so I know that for the first sew shows on this list, this post is a tiny bit late, but don't worry! As always let me know if you have any other show recommendations, I'd love to read them! Also don't freak out, I don't spend my entire life in front of the tv; I don't actually have time to watch all of these so breaks and vacations become my binge watch time. 



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