How To Improve Your Posture

Improving my posture has been a major goal of mine for 2017 and while I can't say that I always stand/sit perfectly straight, it definitely has gotten better. Today I thought I would share a few tips with you guys that helped me improve my posture. That said, a lot of improving your posture is mental; it's up to you to consciously think about standing up straight, which is something that no one can do for you. Anyways, in addition to just being conscious about it, here are a few other tips for you.

  • Visualize - This one is coming straight to you from one of my dance teachers - visualize a string or rod pulling up through the back of your spine, your neck, and the top of your head, all the way down through your tailbone. This will help lengthen and elongate your spine. 
  • Walk Properly - When you walk, make sure your weight is towards the balls of your feet. This will force you to engage your abs, and lengthen your spine. 
  • Think Horizontally - When most people say stand up straight, they think vertically. But one of the huge issues I struggled with was that just the tops of my shoulders curved forward. Like tip #1, I visualized a rod going across the top of my back from the tip of one shoulder to the other. This helped pull my shoulders back and keep them from slouching. 
  • Adjust Your Chair - If you work in an office and have the option to adjust your chair, do so. You want your elbows to be at 90° - less than 90 and you're leaning too far forward, more than 90 and you're leaning too far back. 
  • Adjust Your Computer - Once you have your chair positioned, make sure your computer is also positioned well. Tilt the screen upwards a little to ensure that your back is straight. If it's too far forward, you'll be inclined to slouch to see it. 
  • Engage your Core - Think about how your body is structured - your core opposes your back. To help strengthen your back, strengthen your core by keeping it engaged. The second you let your core go, you start to slouch forwards. 
  • Practice - Because practice make perfect, right? I'm a little embarrassed to admit how hard having good posture was at first. When your just starting out, try sitting/standing perfectly straight while you watch TV, and then take a break during the commercials. Work your way up to going through the whole show, and then while driving, eating, or getting ready in the morning. Trust me, it becomes easier pretty fast. 

So, these were some tips that worked for me! Like I said, it will be hard at first, and your back might hurt, but it does get easier. Let me know if you have any other tips down below, I'd love to heard them! 



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