9 Fall Inspired BFF Dates

You go on dates with your S.O., your family, even yourself, but how often do you really have a date with your BFFs? By date I mean something other than "I have nothing else to do" or "let's just sit and watch TV". When life gets busy, friends are so often the first thing that falls to the side as you try to figure out your life. But this shouldn't be the case! In all honesty, I am a huge culprit of this, but as I'm (still) learning, my friends are always there for me and are always supportive. Because fall is such a gorgeous time of the year, I have definitely been trying to take advantage and plan things with my friends. 

  • Have a Picnic - I know picnics seem like a summer activity, but in they're so much fun in fall! Pack some delicious food, head to a nearby park, and don't forget to bring extra blankets. 
  • Make Some Comfort Food - Cooking is so much fun with friends! For some fall inspired dishes, try chili, apple pie, or a hearty lasagna. 
  • Go Thrifting - Jackets, chunky sweaters, and jeans are the perfect items to hunt for when you're thrifting (they're durable and usually not as worn). They're also the perfect items for fall, so make a day out of it and head to a nearby thrift store. 
  • Head To A Pumpkin Patch - Pumpkin picking is super underrated but so much fun! Pumpkin patches also often have fun corn mazes or hayrides so that's a bonus. 
  • Go Apple Picking - In contrast, apple picking may be a little overdone but it's still tons of fun. Don't forget to get some cider and make some apple pie afterwards. 
  • Have A Photoshoot - Taking a walking tour of your city with a camera (or even your iPhone) is the perfect opportunity to capture some great candids and OOTDs. The fall weather makes it perfect to wear layers, cute scarves, and amazing boots. 
  • Go For A Hike - Hiking is a great way to sneak a workout in while taking in all the views. In the fall with changing leaves, its spectacular. 
  • Play Football - I am completely aware that I am the least football-y person ever, but when my friends and I played as a joke, I basically ended up on the ground, dying of laughter. 
  • Go For Coffee - If your schedules are super crazy, set up a quick run to Starbucks (or any other favorite coffee shop) and pick the most "fall" drinks. It doesn't take very long, but will still be a great way to reconnect and take a break. 

Ok, so these are some of my ideas for things to do with your BFFs this fall. As always, let me know if you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them! 



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