Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

Woah! It has been a long time since I have posted a product review! I actually have a bunch of cool products I want to post reviews on, so those will be coming at you over the next few weeks.

Too Faced recently released their Peaches & Cream collection. The collection contains its own eyeshadow palette, but I bought this one because of the gorgeous color selection.

The Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette retails for $49 and contains 18 eyeshadows. If you are familiar with the setup of the chocolate bar palettes, this one is extremely similar. The product is contained in tin packaging with embossed peaches on the front. The Peaches & Cream collection is notorious smelling like peaches. And I love it. The smell of this palette is unbelievable and indescribable, so I recommend going to Sephora to check it out!

Onto the colors... The palette contains 6 completely matte shades, 1 matte shade with glitter, and 11 shimmery/metallic shadows. I found that the formula varied from shade to shade, so I will be going through each color.

White Peach is a matte vanilla cream. I love this shadow to set my shadow primer and brow bone. I find White Peach creamy and easy to blend. 10/10

Luscious is described as a pearl peach champagne. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette. The shadow is so shiny, soft and easy to blend. I am obsessed with wearing this all over the lid!

Just Peachy was one of the shadows I was most excited about. It is described as a shimmering peachy pink. Swatched on the hand, it look beautiful. The golden undertone gives the shadow a beautiful shift. But I was disappointed by the way it looked on my skin. The golden shift did not really show up and I just looked a little sick. If you have a deeper skin tone, I think this would look gorgeous on you!

Bless Her Heart is another one of my favorites. The shade is described as a golden moss. I just think of it as an olive green color (my favorite!!). The shadow is so pigmented, easy to blend out, and look incredible. Not going to lie to you, this shade is the main reason I bought the palette.

Tempting is a bronzed black. I have only used this shade as liner to define my lash line. I thought it looked beautiful because it is not completely matte! I find this shade to be on the drier side, but, when used as liner, I had absolutely no issues!

Charmed, I'm Sure is a nice typical mid toned matte brown. This shade is perfect in the crease. Although I have no complaints, it is not anything special, so if you have any other neutral palettes this might be a duplicate shade.

Nectar is another one of my favorites in the palette. The color is so unique, pigmented and perfect for so many uses. I love using this on the inner part of my lid, all over the lid, and in the inner corner. It brightens any look and instantly makes you look more awake!

Cobbler is a really soft bronze shimmer shade. I like this eyeshadow for bronzy looks! Like Charmed, I'm sure, this is nothing special, but since it is in the palette I use it!

Candied Peach is the shadow I am most disappointed in. It is a matte peach with gold shimmer. In the pan this is gorgeous, but swatched and applied on the eye, it is the driest matte I have ever tried. The shadow is chalky and has almost no pigmentation. I am shocked Too Faced would include such a fail in their palette!

Belini is gilded peach. The shadow itself is soft and gives a sheen to the lids, but nothing outrageous. I like the color, but also don't think it is unique.

On the other hand, Peach Pit is a great addition to the palette. It is described as a satin perfect raisin. I like this because the color reminds me of a reddish purple, something one doesn't see every day.

Delectable is a matte purple. I find this shade too similar to Peach Pit, and too dry. Unfortunately, I don't like this shadow.

Peaches 'N Cream is a beautiful matte, creamy pink shade. I actually love this as a transition shadow and to blend out my crease shades. I think it is unique and not something I would naturally gravitate towards!

Georgia is a darker version of Peaches 'N Cream. I like this for the crease on natural days! Like Peaches 'N Cream, I find this shade formulated well, unique, and versatile!

Caramelized is a true bronze shimmer shadow. Although not unique, I love this shade for the formula alone. It is so pigmented and buttery and just a dream to work with. I really really enjoy it!

Puree is described as a metallic dark bronze, but I don't see ANY shimmer, or and bronze-ness to the shade. I think of it as a typical matte brown crease shade. Unlike many mattes in this palette, the formula of this one is incredible! I love it so much I will grab this palette just for this shade!

Summer Yum is another well-formulated matte. The color is slightly deeper than Puree, and works beautifully in the crease. It is soft, creamy, and blendable. Everything you want in a matte shadow!

Talk Derby To Me is a navy with violet glitter. I don't like this shade simply because I don't like the sparseness of the glitter. It is too chalky to be used all over the lid, and when used in the crease or outer corner, the glitter just looks weird. Again, I think Too Faced could have done better.

As you can see, there is a lot of inconsistency in this palette. Although it look incredible in the packaging, I think Too Faced could have done a better job with a lot of these formulas. I do think some of these colors are absolutely incredible, but I don't think I would purchase the palette again. The shadows that have amazing formulas aren't all unique and you could definitely find dupes for almost all (if not all) of these shadows!

Sorry for the not wonderful review, but sometimes that is just life!

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have any product review requests, leave those too!

I hope you are all having a good Friday and I'll talk to you guys on Tuesday!


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