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As you may know, I am OBSESSED with my planner. For the past few years, I've been using a Lily Pulitzer planner and I love it. I usually get the middle size, it's big enough to write everything I need to, but it also doesn't take up a ton of space. I also like that it comes with stickers to add a little extra pizazz. Speaking of stickers, I love all the planner instagrams and all the  sticker Etsy shops, but because I'm still in school I need my planner to be practical/a place to keep all my assignments and I don't have the space (or time) to actually decorate it, so I keep it pretty simple with stickers.

  • Color Code - This is my biggest tip for having an organized planner. I usually give each class a color (math = orange, science = green, english = blue, history = purple, french = red, other = dark blue) and a color for extracurriculars/personal stuff (pink). In the daily section of the planner I write out all my homework and details about tests in the correct color. In the monthly section, I just write "test" or "paper due" in the correct color so I have enough space for everything but still know when I'm busy in each class. 
  • Don't Overcrowd - I put all my homework, assignments, tests, and important life events in my planner but I don't clutter it with silly things.  For example, if I make day-of plans, I won't rush to write them in my planner but if I have an audition or a birthday, that will definitely be written in. 
  • Make It Easy To Read - This kind of goes along with the last tip, but make sure your planner is easy to read (it's not helpful if you can't read anything). I always try to write super neatly and not cross out/scribble. 
  • Post-It To Do Lists - I don't like to write my to-do lists on each of the daily sections, so I write them on post it notes and stick them on top. This way I can keep my to-do list separate and easily see what I need to move to the next day. 
  • Write Things Early - As soon as I know a due date, I write it in my planner. I know you then have the risk of having dates moves and crossing things out (ughhhhh), but trust me, writing things earlier will help you stay on top of all your work. 
  • Be Specific - I find that it's much more helpful when I write specific things to do instead of being more general. I won't just write "work on history paper", instead I'll write "finish history paper outline" or "take notes on 3 sources". This helps make all tasks manageable and I'll feel like I'm actually accomplishing something if I have a set goal to finish each day. 
Ok, so I know that this was a really quick post but honestly, having a planner has totally changed my life. It keeps me much more organized, helps me stay on top of tasks, and helps me remember everything going on in my life. Let me know how you guys organize your planner - I'd love to see other tips! 



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