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One of my favorite parts of going Back To School is getting all new school supplies. Something about fresh notebooks and new pens just makes me so happy. Today I thought I would share a few of the things I'm picking up to go back to school this year! Also, we're getting super nerdy, because ngl I'm super picky and specific about the school supplies I use.

  • Planner - For me, a planner is the most essential thing I pick up when I'm Back To School shopping. I love the Lily Pulitzer ones, they have tons of room to write everything + they come with stickers. I also saw some at Target that were absolutely gorgeous and a little cheaper!  
  • Pilot G-2 07 Colored Pens - These are some of my absolute favorite colored pens. The colors are all very vibrant and the pens write very smoothly. I use these in my planner to color code, and they don't bleed through at all which I love. 
  • Staples Accel Spiral Notebook - I've been using these notebooks forever, and I really like them! The covers don't break and the spirals don't start to unspiral from the pages, so these notebooks are super durable. 
  • Sharpie Thin Highlighters - I love highlighting things; don't ask, just accept. I prefer the thin ones because they don't take up as much space in my pencil case and they leave a thiner line. 
  • Emergency Bag - In my bag, I always carry another smaller makeup bag, filled with essentials in case of an emergency or something like that. I always keep tampons, band-aids, advil, tissues, lip balm, and cough drops on had. 

So, these are some of my school essentials! Hopefully this list helps you guys figure out what you need to get before going back to school. As always, let me know any of your essentials down below, I'd love to read them! 



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