18 Etsy Shops To Love

I honestly can't remember how I was first introduced to Etsy, but ever since then, I've been in love. But with everything on the site, it can be a little overwhelming. I've purchased everything from artwork to things for the blog to clothes to gifts. Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite Etsy shops with you guys!

  1.  Milk and Honey Luxuries - These stamped spoons are so cute! 
  2. Black Pearl Maker - I purchased a shirt as a gift for one of my cousins and she absolutely loved it! They're so soft and extremely durable. (Also I'm kind of obsessed with the boob shirt, but I don't know if I could ever actually wear it out lol). 
  3. Brand IT Girl - This is a great shop for prints - I love the dresses and I'm thinking about getting them for my closet. 
  4. Color Watercolor - This is another great shop for prints and I love that everything comes in sets. The flamingoes are definitely my favorite. Use the code SHADOWANDGLOSS for 20% off! 
  5. Happy Cat Downloads - Ok another great shop for minimalist prints. The octopus print is stunning. For 10% off orders of $20 or more, use the code B20G10P at checkout. 
  6. Layered Luxe Jewelry - This shop has gorgeous dainty jewelry, and they can be personalized. 
  7. K2 Harmony - I was given one of their Leo constellation necklaces for Christmas last year, and I love it! They're beautiful and extremely high quality. 
  8. Copper Penni - This is a great shop for knit hats and scarves, they're so soft and cozy. 
  9. Planner Sticker Jubilo - As you may know, I love planners and I love stickers! This shop has tons of unique and useful stickers which I love. 
  10. Oh Doodle Shop - Another great sticker shop. I love all the fun stickers and spreads! Use the code SHADOWANDGLOSS for 20% off any order over $10. 
  11. Box Sparrow - This shop is the perfect place to go for ceramic dishes and mugs. They're so unique and the perfect addition to any house. 
  12. Callicrafty - I am in love with this shop for all things stationary; they have gorgeous notebooks, stamps, and washi tape. 
  13. Clayn Soul - If you're having a "treat yo'self moment", this is the shop for you. The whipped body frostings are awesome and I'm pretty sure I need the anxiety relief oil in my life. 
  14. Sugar Tree Gallery - This is the perfect shop to find gifts; the personalized wooden cutting boards or coasters are so special and one-of-a-kind. For 10% off your order, use 10OFFSTG at checkout.  
  15. Sawyer Ceramics - Another great shop for ceramics. I love how everything matches and is super useful in the kitchen. 
  16. Blogger Kit Co - This shop has been a super useful resource for S&G, the media kits are gorgeous. Use the code TENOFF for 10% off orders of $14.50 or more. 
  17. Tangerine Printables - This is an amazing shop for all sorts of printouts. Seriously, it has everything from blog planners to doctor visit trackers and migraine trackers. For 15% when you buy 3 items, use TANG18 at checkout. 
  18. Plan My Everyday - Another amazing shop for everything planner related. The personalized planners/notebooks and iPad sleeves are so cute. 
Ok, so these are some of my favorite Etsy shops. Like I said, there are thousands of Etsy shops so if you have some favorites (or you have one of your own), I'd love to hear about it! 



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