Some Sunday Motivation (p. 2)

I posted some Sunday motivation a while ago and today I thought I would do another one! I love being able to start off the week with a little extra motivation to push me to do my best all week.

"Don't put up ceilings, put up a fight". Like the first Sunday Motivation post, this quote was taken from one of my favorite trainers at the gym. Of course she mentioned this as we went into our third round of front squats with barbells, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this pretty much applies to every single aspect of life.

A "glass ceiling" is a term we have all heard before, and many of us have experienced its effects first hand. Many of these glass ceilings are put up by society, but I think that we also need to take a moment to look at the ceilings we put up for ourselves. In general, women are less likely to be outspoken or confrontational than men are. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we put up our own ceilings. We don't always ask for that raise, we don't always speak up, we don't always disagree even if we know we're right. We don't always place enough trust in ourselves to believe we can do it - it being whatever challenge we're faced with.

So following this advice and don't put up those ceilings and instead put up a fight. Add the extra weight for your squat, run the extra mile, ask for the raise. Do it because you believe you can and because you know you are strong enough for the fight. And before breaking those ceilings, don't even put them up in the first place. Just go for it. Just do it. You got this.



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