July Favorites

Woah, August 1st. I find that absolutely crazy. But, with each new month comes a favorites post (which are my favorites!)

Most of these products should not be a surprise if you have been following the blog, but I figured it would be nice to see all of my recommendations in one place! 

Too Faced Hangover RX primer- I know I am very late to this bandwagon, but this product is incredible. It works as a very good all over the face before foundation (especially the foundation I talk about later in this post!). It is very hydrating and sits beautifully on the skin! 

Blinc Mascara Amplified- As many of you know, I am working at a summer camp this summer, and I am required to swim with my campers daily. I needed to find a waterproof mascara that would stay on my lashes. I tested out a few waterproof mascaras, but I always found that I hated how hard it was to remove. Then I stumbled across this one... The mascara is not marketed as a waterproof mascara, but it stays put until you rub it off! Even if you get your face wet, your mascara won't budge if you don't touch your eyes. Removal is also incredibly easy since all you have to do is wet your eyes and rub off the mascara. In addition, the mascara does not flake or smudge! Such a gem lol

Wet N' Wild Photofinish Foundation- The hype on this is real. I was very skeptical, but after testing out the foundation, I have not been using anything else! I don't find the foundation to be crazy full coverage, but I do think it has a medium, buildable feel. Since I have drier skin, I ALWAYS use a dewy, hydrating primer underneath to hid my dryness. If you have oily skin, I think this would be even better on you! 

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer- This is not a new discovery, but I have been obsessed with it, so I figured I would give it another shoutout! I love this concealer for every day use. It looks natural while has decent medium coverage at the same time. And it's $5! Definitely worth the money. 

Neutrogena Sports Face Oil-Free Lotion Sunscreen- I have been spending a lot of time outdoors this summer, and, since I am on acne medication, I needed a really good sunscreen that will keep my face protected and not clog my pores at the same time. Another plus to this is that you can find the sunscreen at the drugstore! Previously, I have only purchased high end sunscreen for my face, so this will save me a ton of $$ :)

Ole Hendriksen Grease Relief Facial Water- Since it is summer, my skin has been extra oily. I have been loving this facial spray. I use it morning and throughout the day to control my oils. It smells incredible and works really well too.

Origins 10 minute rescue mask-  This is a mask that was raved about by Nicole Gurriero. After hearing her reviews, I decided to go out and purchase it myself. I fell in love with the way it felt on my skin, and the effects it had. When apply the mask, it feels cooling. After 10 minutes, I notice it minimizes any spots I have and brightens my complexion. I also love how it works in such a short time! 

These have been the current products I have been loving! 

As always, leave me your suggestions below because I'd love to test them out! 

Have a great day/night and thank you so much for reading.


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