Hack Your Target Trip

I love target. You can legit get anything there. I also always walk in, spend way too much time there, and then leave after buying wayyyyyyyy more than I meant to. So today I have a few tips for how to hack your next Target trip.

  • Eat Before - One of my dad's many mottos is "don't go grocery shopping on an empty stomach", and this goes for Target shopping too. Whenever I go hungry, I always end up coming out with tons of snacks and food that I don't actually need and don't even particularly like. 
  • Watch the Time - Fun fact, most Target's use bright lights, don't have a lot of windows, and play calming music to make customers forget about the time. By consciously checking the time every so often, you won't get stuck in the rabbit hole that's just wandering up and down Target aisles. 
  • Come in With a List - This is super obvious, but if you come in with a list of must-buys (and actually stick to the list), you'll be in and out super fast. 
  • Look at Market Pantry - Market Pantry is Target's brand of food. Everything I've tried from them is really good and it's usually a lot cheaper than buying brand name items. 
  • Get the Target REDCard - This is the Target debit card and can save you 5% on all purchases. If you shop at Target a ton, this can really add up. 
  • Look Around - You've probably heard this one before, but less expensive items are usually placed lower or higher on the shelves and the more expenisve/brand name items are placed right at eye level. If you want to save money, look around for the best option. 

I know that this is a pretty basic list, but Target is honestly one of my favorite stores and I always end up spending way too much and buying way more than I need. Let me know if you have any other tips, I'd love to here them! 



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