Fitness Myths Debunked

This summer I've been working out at the gym. A lot. When I'm there, I can't help but overhear other people's convos. And, aside from random stories that literally make no sense, a lot of people spend their time at the gym talking about fitness. But guess what? A ton of what their saying isn't actually true. Today I thought I would debunk a few fitness myths I've heard! (PS, if you like this post, check out this post debunking beauty claims!)

Can you really out-train a bad diet?

No. No. No. No. No. No. It doesn't matter how many hours you spend at the gym, it is almost impossible to completely out-train eating crap all day. Think about it. Running on the treadmill burns about 100 calories every mile (depending on your fitness level, weight, speed, etc). A serving of potato chips (only 15 chips) is already 150 calories. And I am almost positive you eat more than 15 chips at a time. Technically, it is possible to attempt to out-train a bad diet, but it is extremely unhealthy and not recommended. Junk food will also not give you the needed energy to complete your workout to your highest potential. So please, please, please. Eat healthy foods, exercise to feel good, and live your life.

Can you really "spot/target train" to burn fat?

Another big no. Spot training or target training is exercising to get rid of fat from one specific part of your body, and guess what? It's not actually possible. You can do exercises to strengthen/tone a specific part of your body, but doing that exercise will not get rid of fat. Cardio is your best bet for fat burning, but again, you cannot target a specific area.

If you don't eat before you workout, do you burn more fat? 

Another nope. I kind of understand this question; if you don't eat right before, aren't you forced to burn stored calories and fat? But you need energy to complete your workout and keep you healthy. Studies have shown that eating protein before a workout can actually increase your resting calorie burn. I recommend a snack with protein or carbohydrates eaten about 45 minutes before your workout to do your best!

So, these are three things I've heard at the gym that I wanted to address! I really liked researching and writing this post, so I will definitely be posting another one! Let me know if you have any myths you would like to have debunked. And as always, let me know what you thought about this post, I'd love to hear.



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