Some Sunday Motivation

"Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger". This is the the motto of one of my all time favorite trainers at the gym. Besides being one of the fittest people I have ever met, she is also the one of the most motivating (and gives one of the most kick-ass classes ever).

During one particularly brutal class (think, 15 burpees after every. single. exercise.), we talked about something that really struck a chord with me. Since the beginning of human existance, humans have essentially had one goal - survival. It pretty much goes completely against our nature to push ourselves to a place of discomfort, to allow ourselves to be out of breath, and to feel slightly like we might die. But, that's how we grow; that's how we become bigger, better, faster, stronger. We can't live our lives in a place of comfort. We need to push outselves past what we "like" and what we know we can do.

I'll give you an example; I go for the same run pretty frequently. And that's great - I'm getting active, I'm working out, I'm sweating. But I'm not pushing myself. So I decided to switch it up - went a little further, a little faster. And yes, it was hell. But it was good for me - it was something I needed to do. It's something we all need to do.

I'm not saying to go crazy and quadruple your normal workout, but you do need to shake it up. I hope you guys take this motivation and put it to good work this week (and always). Let me know if you have any other thoughts, we could use a little extra motivation!



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