Comparing 1000 Calorie Workouts

Let's all be honest, who doesn't want to burn 1000 calories in workout? Search 1000 calorie workout on Pinterest and you'll get tons of different results. I've tried a few of these workouts and today I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys! I never wore a calorie tracker when trying these (but I am a little skeptical that each of these actually burns 1000 calories), so this post is all about how each workout felt.

I actually really enjoyed this workout. It had a ton of variation which is perfect if you get bored of workouts very quickly. This workout fatigues one muscle and then switches to a new muscle right when you think there is no way to do any more. This workout left my muscles extremely tired and overall, I really liked this. 

I was not huge fan of this workout. I found it extremely repetitve - not only was it a ton of each exercise in a row, it was the same four moves repeated three times. 25 push ups is also a shit ton of push ups to do with no break. I was tired after, but this wasn't a very dynamic workout. 

I liked this workout well enough. It changed exercises frequently and was structured like one of my favorite exercise classes (switching between a strength move and a cardio move) with a little extra cardio (jumping jacks). This only took me about 20 minutes, however it didn't leave me exhausted. 

Ok, I'm v confused because isn't this almost identical to the second workout that I was talking about but with extra burpees, so how do they both burn 1000 calories? (#flaws). Anyways, like the other workout, this one was way to repetive for me and 25 push ups followed by 25 burpees almost killed me. 

I liked this workout because it was a rapid fire workout that gets a ton of different muscles groups in  a very short amount of time. However, I am extremely skeptical about this burning 1000 calories. But like the title of the workout says, regardless of how many calories this burns, this workout it perfect to do as soon as you wake up to get youself moving and your blood flowing. 

This workout was alright. It had some variation, not a ton but enough to not get way to bored. However, 50 burpees? Come on people, that is torture. Also, this workout did take a little longer than some of the others because of the 10 minutes cardio as the last 2 exercises. I love using a jump rope to workout, however if you don't have one on hand this workout becomes very annoying (no one wants to just jump in place for 5 minutes). 

OK so, these are 6 workouts that supposedly burn 1000 calories. I gave you my thoughts, but definetly try them all and let me know what you think - which ones did you love and which ones did you not like? Also if anyone has tried any of these with a calorie counter, let me know if they actually burned 1000 calories - I'm actually really interested. Also, if you have any other workouts you want me to try, I'd love to check them out! 



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