Beginner Makeup Brush Kit

A while ago, I wrote a Beginner's Makeup Kit, a guide to some of the essential products you need when you are just starting your makeup collection. That post seemed to be extremely helpful for people, so I thought I would follow it up with a beginner makeup brush kit. This one is a little more general because accessible brush brands vary so much depending on where you live, but I hope that just knowing which brushes to start out with will make makeup seem a little less intimidating!

  • Flat Eyeshadow Brush - This is a flat and stiff brush that is used to apply eyeshadow all over your lid. It holds a ton of product and it allows for an even application. 
  • Blending Brush - A blending brush is a soft, small dome with bristles that are extremely flexible. This is the brush you use to blend out your eyeshadow, feather in darker shades, and diffuse the crease. If you're into smokey eyes, this brush will be your best friend. 
  • Powder Brush - This is your classic, large, full, fluffy brush. Of all the face brushes, this one is your best bet if you're just beginning your makeup collection because it is extremely verstile. A powder brush can be used to apply any loose powders, highlight, contours, or blushes (if you're careful not to apply way too much).
  • Angled Blush Brush - This brush is as full as a powder brush but with angled bristles. While this face brush is not crucial, it does not pick up too much product (perfect for when you're applying brush) and is easy to blend out blush with. 
  • Egg Shape Sponge - This is a dense sponge used to apply liquid products. With an egg shaped sponge, the fat side is good for foundation or cream products you want to cover a large area while the tip is perfect for more precise concealer. I do all my primer/foundation/concealer (whatever I happen to be wearing) with a makeup sponge. To be completely honest, I don't see the point in spending $20 of a brand name sponge, the ones from CVS or Target work just as well.  

These, obviously, are not the only brushes in the entire world, and while I love stipling brushes, liner brushes, angled brushes, etc. I feel that these 5 are the most versatile and useful for when you are just starting your makeup collection. Let me knwo your thoughts down below, I'd love to read them! 



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