9 Dresses To Wear This Summer (All Under $50!)

I've been living in dresses this summer. I basically decided that I'm not really a fan of shorts, so why bother? When I decide I love something, I usually end up buying a million and then getting tired of it in about 5 seconds. BUT, with dresses, there are so many different styles and I haven't gotten bored yet. Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite styles to give you some inspiration for the rest of the summer. And the best part? Each dress in this guide is under $50!

  1. This dress is perfect because it's a dressy fabric in a casual style, so it can be dressed up or down super easily. It also comes in tons of different colors, but I have it in pink because it's stunning! ($20)
  2. I love the army green color of this dress and the laced up detailing on the shoulders keeps it from looking boring and basic. ($40)
  3. This striped dress is such a classic piece and can be paired with almost anything. ($18)
  4. I love this dress because it's combining two trendy styles - denim (in not-jean form) and off the shoulder tops. ($46)
  5. This is a very casual dress that is perfect for those days when you need to leave the house but also really don't want to. ($35)
  6. This is another off the shoulder dress in a gorgeous bright red (but it also comes in tons of other colors). I also love the eyelet detailing on the bottom and sleeves. ($14)
  7. This dress is a little out there but is absolutely stunning. The bell sleeves are really trendy right now, as are the stripes. ($49)
  8. This is ther perfect fun and flirty babydoll dress. The color and pattern are both perfect for summer.  ($15)
  9. I have seen this dress everywhere recently, and for a good reason. It comes in different colors and is very flattering on all diffeent body types. ($49) 

I hope you guys all enjoyed this guide and that it gives you some gorgeous inspiration for dresses for the rest of your summer! As always, let me know if you guys have any questions of other suggestions, I'm always happy to get new dresses! (Even though my wallet is not). 



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