6 Ways To Stay Sharp This Summer

Maybe this is just me, but during the summer, even if I'm working, I feel as though I never use my brain as much as I do for school. Don't get me wrong, I love having a break from school (I definitely need it), but your brain is a muscle and the way school forces you to always be thinking needs to be practiced in order for it to continue working quickly and effectively. Today I have a few quick ways to keep your brain staying sharp over the summer.

  • Learn A New Language - I know the point of summer (among other things) is to take a break from school, but if you're learning something you're actually enjoying and (as all teachers say) learning for the sake of learning, learning a new language can be really fun! Apps like Duolingo are perfect, it's a minimal time commitment but you still learn a ton. 
  • Read - Reading is a great oppertunity to exercise your brain. Fiction is always great (check out my 2017 reading list), but if you really want to get savvy this summer, try reading the news more often - you'll stay up to date with current events and be informed of interesting real life stories. 
  • Start To Journal - Journaling has a ton of benefits including helping you destress and improving your mood. Journaling is also a great way to remember your thoughts and mindsets. The act of actually getting out a notebook and writing things out will also help you stay sharp (and will keep your handwriting from getting sloppy). 
  • Sing - Learning the words to songs and singing is a great way to keep your brain working this summer. Of course you could opt for the Top 50 Charts, or you could listen to some School House Rock and learn something educational while also singing, it doesn't get any more fun than that (I mean it probably does but still....) 
  • Do A Puzzle - Doing a puzzle and needing to constantly be thinking through things will keep your mind active while doing something interesting and calming. 
  • Get Rid Of A Habit - The summer is the perfect time to really focus in on and get rid of a bad habit. Saying "like", ripping/biting your nails, or pulling at hangnails are all perfect places to start. Actively focing on a bad habit and noticing whenever you do it will keep you engaged and your mind sharp. 

So, these are great ways to keep your brain active and engaged this summer! Let me know any other ideas or activities you do to stay sharp, I'd love to hear them! 



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