8 Things I'm Doing This Summer

We're thissssss close to summer and omg in case you couldn't tell by my recent posts, I'm so excited! I know that Jordan recently posted some ideas for how to make the most out of your summer,  so today I thought I would do my take on that and share some things that I'm looking forward to doing this summer. Hopefully this can help give you guys some inspiration and will get everyone ready for summer (as if you aren't already).

So, this summer I'll be....

  • Cooking Something New Every Week - I often get stuck in a rut and end up making pretty much the exact same things every week. This something I want to try cooking at least one new thing every week. 3 things I'm looking forward to trying? Chicken tikka masala, gyros, and homemade ravioli. 
  • Trying 1 New Type of Workout Every Week - I've also been wanting to expand the workouts I do. I'm not talking about spending 100s of dollars on classes (although there are some that I'd love to try), but I want to make the most of the beuatiful weather to diversify a little bit. I definately want to try biking, new hiking trails, or even playing tennis. 
  • Reconnecting - Our lives get so busy that I feel as though I often forget to take a minute to reconnect with old friends. The summer is a great time for impromptu lunch dates and get-togethers to make sure that you stay in touch with the people you maybe don't see as often. 
  • Working On A Project - I'll be the first to admit it, sometimes I get a little lazy over the summer. I'll start projects (*cough cough* learning how to speak Portugese) and then kind of let them fall to the side (guess who still can't speak Portugese). But this summer, I really want to make some progress on some of the projects I've been working on (finding the perfect chocolae chip cookie recipe and finishing up some awesome stuff for the blog). 
  • Traveling - I'm not going anywhere crazy this summer (#Nepal2k16), but I do have some  domestic trips planned. In addition to these, I'm also making an effort to get away with some of my friends. (I know I'm heading out to the Hamptons and then La Jolla again so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them). 
  • Cleaning - I need to spend some time doing a major cleanout this summer. I'm going to try to tackle my closet, bathroom, makeup collection, and all the random junk drawers. It's a lot, but it needs to happen. 
  • Volunteering - I already have a few things lined up, but this summer I definately want to start volunteering more. If anyone has any suggestions of places needing volunteers in NYC area, I'd love to contribute a little more. 
  • Breathing - Wow, ok that was a long list, but I think that this last one might be the most important thing on it. It can be so easy to get caught up in everything, that we forget to take a minute to breathe and enjoy ourselves. After the year I've had, taking some time for me is one of my top priorities this summer. 

Ok, so this is what I'm planning on doing this summer. It seems like a lot, but I am so so so excited! Let me know what you guys are planning on doing down in the comments, I'd love to hear! 



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