Summer Shaving Tips

Yeah, I know that most of us shave all year long, but I feel like shaving in the Summer is different. In the winter who cares if I miss a spot, I'm wearing pants anyways. But in the summer, when I'm wearing shorts and bathing suits, I'm always a little more concious of missed spots, ingrown hairs, or razor burn. Today I have a few tips of how to get the perfect shave to help keep your legs nice and smooth all summer!

  • Moisten Skin First - Most of us shave in the shower, and there's a good reason for it. Besides helping you not make a huge mess, when your hair gets wet it actually plumps up a little bit, making shaving much easier. 
  • Exfoliate - Exfoliating your skin before you shave can help get rid of dead skin on your legs and will help you get a smoother and closer shave! 
  • Apply Shaving Cream - There are definately times when I get way to lazy to use shaving cream, but if you want a nice shave, it's a must. Shaving cream will help you prevent razor burn and ingrowns. If you're out of shaving cream (or just want a less exensive option), opt for conditioner - it works exactly the same! 
  • Slow and Steady - There's no point in trying to speed through a shave, you'll only end up cutting yourself. By going slow and steady, you'll get a more even and smoother shave. 
  • Moisturize - After shaving your legs, moisturizing in a must. This will helps keep your legs smooth for days. 
  • Change Your Blade - Make sure that you're changing your blade every 3-8 shaves. The worst thing for your legs is to use an old/rusty/gross razor, it can lead to cuts, nicks, and ingrowns. 
  • Keep the Plastic Protector on Razors - When you're not using a razor, keep the plastic protector thingy (you all know what I'm talking about, but does it have a name?). This will help keep your blade a little fresher and cleaner. 

So, these are my tips to help you guys get the perfect shave. Don't forget to change your sheets when you shave so we can all experience that feeling of pure bliss of smooth legs and fresh sheets! I hope you guys all have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend and a fabulous kick off to summer! 



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