How To Wash Clothes Like An Adult

Let’s face it, the days when your mom used to do your laundry are long over (and if they’re not, enjoy it while you can). Now that you’re on your an actual adult, it’s time to start learning how to wash your clothes like one. Plus, properly washing your clothes will prolong their life and keep them in much better condition, so even though it’s annoying, it’s really a win-win.

  • Separate - Yes, this seems like an unnecessary and tedious step, but separating your lights, darks, and delicates will help protect your clothes in the wash. Trust me, having your favorite bras turned bright pink because of what else was in the laundry is not fun.
  • Check Pockets - The number of times I’ve thrown my clothes in the wash only to take them out and find soggy dollars stuck to the inside of my pockets is unbelievable. Save yourself the struggle (and some dollars) by making sure your pockets are empty before tossing your clothes into the wash.
  • Read Labels - Before you toss a pile of clothes into the washing machine, make sure you double check the label for any important special care instructions. If something says “hand wash only” or “air dry”, it’s best to actually follow these suggestions.
  • Use The Right Cycle - Unfortunately, no two types of clothes are created equal. Yes, we separate our clothes to make sure that the colors don’t run, but also because different types of clothes need different care.
    • Lights - Warm water works best for washing lights, when used with detergent it will be really good at removing stains.
    • Darks - Using cold water will keep the colors from bleeding.
    • Delicates - Cold water is also great for delicates because it won’t be as harsh on the fabrics.
  • Detergent - Not using detergent is like brushing your teeth without toothpaste, it just won’t work. Make sure that you’re only using a chlorine bleach on whites, otherwise you’ll ruin all your clothes. If you want to get extra fancy, use fabric softener to keep your clothes from getting all static-y and scratchy.  
  • Dry Wisely - I used to just take the whole soppy mess of clothes from the washing machine and throw it right into the dryer and then wonder why my clothes would seem to wear out so quickly.  But think about it, when you put your clothes in the dryer, you’re essentially just blasting hot air on them while they get thrown around - yeah, not the best way to keep them from getting destroyed. By air drying your clothes, you’ll also help keep them from shrinking. For items such as sweaters or leggings, which might pill easily. I recommend air drying completely. For jeans, I either air dry or just tumble dry (but many people say they’re totally fine to dry normally). I also recommend either air drying or tumble drying delicates to keep the fabric from being ruined.

So, this is the ultimate guide to washing your clothes like a real adult. Not only will it help your clothes look their best, you’ll be saving money as you won’t need to replace your clothes as often! Let me know if you have any other tips down below!



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