7 Beach Cover Ups To Rock This Summer

Some may say that it's a little bit premature to be posting about beach cover ups. But those people are wrong. Here in NY, it's been in the 90s + Memorial Day is next weekend, so I'm pretty much already in summer mode. Except for the fact that I'm still in school + dealing with finals. I've been looking for a new beach cover up, so today I wanted to share a few styles that I found that are all absolutely gorgeous.

1. This is a longer dress that is perfect to throw on before going for lunch or into shops. 
2.  This crochet dress is so pretty and it will still show off your cute bathing suit. 
3.  This sarong is perfect to tie around your waist when you're casually just sitting trying to dry off. 
4.  This tunic is perfect to help protect your arms/shoulders from the sun without being too heavy. 
5.  This romper might be my favorit item on this list. It's gorgeous and it won't give you odd tan lines. 
6.  This dress is an understated piece, but the open back detail gives it a flair. 
7.  This is another option with covered shoulders (but it still shows off your bathing suit), perfect for avoiding burns. 

So, these are a few styles/peices I've found that have really caught my eye. Let me know any other favorite beach cover ups down in the comments; I'd love to here them!



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