What To Eat With Your Latest Netflix Binge Vol. 2

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I posted some ideas of what to eat with your favorite binge-worthy show. I had a ton of fun (and still had more shows and ideas to share) so I thought I would do a Vol. 2.

Stranger Things with Eggo Waffles - Does this really need an explanation? Maybe eating waffles for dinner is a little strange, but hey, live a little.
Friends with Milkshakes - A nice, cold, delicious shake is the perfect thing to pair with a few (or, like, 15) episodes of Friends.
Sherlock with Tea and Shortbread Cookies - British shows always call for some tea and cookies. Plus, these 1.5hr episodes definately call for a yummy food + drink combo.
Friday Night Lights with Burgers - Burgers are the only way to truly enjoy the Dillon Panthers and more importantly, Tim Riggins.
The 100 with Chex Mix - When you grab a handful of chex mix, you never know what you're going to pull out. Kind of like The 100, you never know what's going to happen next.

Not On Netflix But Definitely Worthy Shows: 

Homeland with Mac&Cheese - Mac&Cheese seems to go perfectly with Homeland, I honestly don't know why, just trust me on this one.
This Is Us with Cookie Dough - This Is Us will make you feel all the feels, and what better way to handle a cry sesh than with some cookie dough?
The Goodwife with Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Sweet and decadent, just like this show. Chocolate covered strawberries are such an underrated dessert, but they pair perfectly with The Goodwife.
The Last Ship with Potato Skins - Just like The Last Ship, potato skins have a little bit of everything in them. Also, potato skins are delicious and The Last Ship is amazing so it works.
Blindspot with Sour Candy - Blindspot is action packed (although admitedly unrealistic), and the best thing to pair with nonstop action and mystery is a bag of your favorite sour candy.

Ok so this was vol. 2 of what to eat when you're bingewatching some of the best shows on Netflix (and Hulu/Amazon Prime). Don't forget to share your thoughts down below, I'd love to check them out!



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