Tips for long car rides!

Hey guys! 
As you are reading this, I am in North Carolina on a road trip with my mom. We landed in Atlanta on Wednesday, and are flying out of Raleigh tonight. The car ride from Atlanta to Raleigh is over 5 hours. Typically, my mom would be the primary driver since she is wayyy more experienced, but she was exhausted. Instead of pushing back the long drive, I decided to drive. I drove for 3/5 of the time. As I was driving, I thought of a few tips I would recommend to anyone with a long, daunting drive ahead of them. 

  1. Make a banging playlist ahead of time- In my opinion, there is nothing more tiresome than driving without music. Depending on my mood, I have a great rap playlist, a hip-hop one, a more quiet one, and a more alternative one. Even if others are sleeping, playing music softly will help keep you engaged and awake. 
  2. Bring something to drink- I stopped and got a smoothie. This was the perfect wake me up every sip I took. Of course, the only downside is, if you're anything like me, you will have to pee more often. This brings me to my third point. 
  3. Stop for a break- Every 2-2.5 hours get off at a rest stop and walk (or run) around your car a few time. The fresh air will wake you up and refresh you! 
  4. IF YOU ARE TIRED STOP AND REST. This trip is not worth your life or anyone else's life. 

Let me know what your tips for long car rides are!! 

Thanks for reading <3



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