Surviving Family Time

April/May is always a time when I get together with my family. Since I am Jewish, we celebrate Passover around the same time as Easter. This is our yearly family gathering, so it is a big deal. But with all family gatherings comes stress and anxiety. I'm here to tell you that it will all be okay. In this post, I will be sharing 4 simple, yet extremely important tips to make this time as easy and fun as possible. Also, just out of curiosity, comment below one of your family traditions. I'll let you know what my crazy family does at the end of the post:)

Without further ado, let's get into the tips:

1. Please don't start petty fights- When I tell you my family starts fights about literally everything I am not over exaggerating. If everything is not perfect, or the way you typically do things, let it be. The most important thing when dealing with family is compromising. This should be sacred time, so don't let petty arguments (or any arguments for that matter) get in the way.

2. Avoid rolling your eyes at all costs- Often time I will roll my eyes at some of the stories my grandma tells me over the phone (because she cannot see me!), but once, I forgot she was sitting right across from me. It was very hard to BS my way out of the one... Trust me here, save all your eye-rolling for the bathroom or before you go to bed!

3. Just talk to your family- As painful as it is, listen to the stories your family members tell you because it is way better than your aunts, uncles, and grandparents grilling you on school, and your love life. Listening takes you out of the hot seat and puts the pressure on someone else:)

4. Take some me time- The most important thing when spending long periods of time with family is taking me time. Go for a walk, or run, with nobody else (or your SO if you dragged him/her on the trip). This will clear your mind and calm you down.

Those were the 4 tips I always live by. Now, since I know you're all super anxious, I want to share my craziest family tradition. At Passover, we hit each other on the head with scallions. No real reason, just tradition! Please let me know my family isn't the only crazy ones out there :P

Remember that your family is special, and even if they drive you insane, you love them!

Good luck! haha


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