Rainy Day Fashion Guide

April showers bring May flowers, amiright? I don't know about you, but I actually don't mind rainy days. I mean, I would much rather it be super sunny and bright, but I love the occasional thunderstorm when you just get to lounge around inside all day. Going outside in the pouring rain though? Less fun. Today I thought I would share a guide to help you guys pick out some rain-friendly finds!

- Rain Jacket - Ok, duh. But seriously, gone are the days of plastic bag parkas - there are actually some really cute rain jackets out there now. I recommend opting for a neutral color so it can be paired with any outfit.

- Rain Boots - Another kind of "duh" thing, but again essential if it's pouring. I think that rainboots are definitely something to invest in - they'll last forever and you'll be so much happier if they don't make your feet freezing cold/wet. Again, I would pick a neutral color, but if you want to go with a pop of color, I love the look of red rainboots.

- Umbrella - Another obvious essential, but an umbrella is so important. I recommend getting a retractable umbrella so it can fit inside a purse without taking up too much room.

- Dark Pants - In the rain and wind, I always opt for pants over a skirt/dress. They'll keep you warmer and you won't run the risk of showing the entire world your underwear. If I know I'll have time to change, it doesn't really matter what I wear, but if I know I won't have time to change, I usually wear a dark pair of pants so you can't see the rain drops as much.

- Waterproof Bag - If you have a ton of stuff you need to tote around, a waterproof bag is a must. This bag isn't expensive at all, making it the perfect choice if you only use it a few times a year.

Ok, so I know this is kind of a basic list, but I hope it helps you figure out what to wear next time it's pouring rain! Let me know any other suggestions you have down below in the comments, I'd love to hear them!



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