Facetory monthly subscription box review

I feel like monthly subscription boxes have slowly died away... I don't hear much about them, but I still am a huge fan. A few months back, I found this brand called Facetory. Facetory is a sheet mask subscription box. Sheet masks have been very trendy skincare products, so it makes sense subscriptions services were created.

Today, I will be reviewing Facetory. Facetory is a sheet mask subscription service that sends you 4 or 7 masks a month.
There are 2 different boxes you can purchase:
-the FOUR-ever fresh box: $5.95 a month (+2.95 for shipping)
-SEVEN lux box: $15.95 a month (+3.95 shipping)

I subscribed to the Four-ever fresh box in January. One has until the end of the month to purchase the box; if I were to sign up on April 30th I would still get the April box, and then the May one two weeks later.

Onto the actual products! I find sheet masks to be very expensive if bought individually from Sephora or even the drugstore. Seeing this box helped lower the cost dramatically, so I decided to check it out. I really think this box is worth the money. I won't speak for masks individually (I typically do this on my instagram story), but as a whole, this box is definitely worth your money. You typically get about $12-$15 worth of product in each box (double of what you pay). The masks are very cool, and you never get the same one twice. In each box, there is a good variety of masks for different skin concerns.

Overall, I really enjoy this box. I use about 1 mask a week, so the 4 pack lasts a month!
If you are interested in signing up for this box, click here to receive 10% off all products! 

Thank you so much for reading and, as Facetory says, Happy masking:)


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