Finals Season

End of April means finals season for any students out there. That time is always very stressful for me. I wanted to share the ways I relieve stress. These are the things I live by during the school year. 

-Going for a long run- before my knee injury this was my go to. I live on a hill, and there was nothing more satisfying that doing doing sprints up and down the hill. I love the feeling of going for a super intense (sometimes short) run because I always feel cleansed and refreshed. Running was a great way for me to release my anger and stress. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do this due to my broken knee, but I cannot wait until I can run again, even if it might not be for months. 

-Long hikes- another thing I cannot do! I love early morning hikes to clear the air. I love feeling cleansed and refreshed and really connected to nature. Sometimes I will listen to quiet music, other times I will my phone at home, and sometimes I will go with friends. Hiking has been a really good, fun stress reliever for me. 

-Taking a long bath- unlike the other 2, these don't require any physical activity. Go to the mall and buy yourself a bath bomb and take a nice long, hot bath. Don't use your phone because that will just kill the vibe.

-Spending time with friends (and leaving any electronics at home)- as you can probably see, I have been very interested in the "no electronic life" (says that girl who writes a blog). I am thinking about writing a post on it, so let me know if you're at all interested. Quality time with friends is the best kind of time in my opinion. I love just disconnecting from the superficial world and connecting to my friends. I find this to be one of the most relaxing, stress-relieving, and rewarding things one can do! 

Those were my 4 de-stressors. I'd LOVE to hear your tips, especially since I cannot currently do 2/4 things on that list. 

Remember, you can tackle anything that comes your way; take a deep breath, everything will be okay.


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