4 Ways To Become More Active In Your Community

Being a part of a community is so important for not only your social life, but also your emotional well-being. But, becoming an active member in your community can be intimidating and seem overwhelming. However it doesn't have to be. Today I wanted to share a few ideas to help you guys engage more in you community.

  • Join The Library - The library is actually a great place to start enagaging your community. There are usually tons of events put on and you'll be able to meet tons of other people. If nothing else, libraries usually have a bulletin with upcoming events around town which could be worth a look + you'll be able to get some cool books so it's a win-win. 
  • Become an In-Town Foodie - This one isn't necessarily becoming more active but just being a part of your community (I don't really know if there's a huge difference, but hopefully you know what I mean). Try looking into your local food scene, there may be some awesome finds. This is also a great reason to call some friends up, reconnect, and try delicious food. 
  • Volunteer - This one may be a little obvious, but it's so important and so fulfilling. Try checking out the local animal shelter, park clean up crew, or retirement home. Volunteering is also a great way to meet some new friends. 
  • Speak Your Mind - We are so often drawn to national politics that I think we sometimes forget about whats going on around us. Try digging into some community politics, it can actually be really interesting and very relevent to your daily life. Town hall meetings, community center events, and local newspapers are a great way to get started. 
So, these are a few ideas to help you get started! Share any other ideas you have down below, I'd love to hear them! 



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