17 Reasons To Be Happy Today

Like many of you, I am an incredibly busy person. Being a person who's always on the go and always  has a million things to do means I (unfortunately) often forget to think about my happiness. All the negativity in the world and in the news makes this issue 10x worse. And this is a HUGE problem. Today, I'm here to spread a little happiness. And while yes, this list is a little silly and just meant to be fun, I hope it reminds you guys to think about your own happiness and start putting your own happiness first.

  1. You woke up this morning. Good job, the hardest part of the day is done. 
  2. It's spring. 
  3. The days are getting longer. 
  4. Who What Wear says bright colors are in this season. 
  5. These boots are on sale. 
  6. It's festival season.
  7. April the giraffe just gave birth. 
  8. Bill Nye Saves The World premiers April 21st. 
  9. Trader Joe's now sells matcha green tea. 
  10. Artichokes, asparagus, mangos, and pineapples are now in season. 
  11. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (author of The Girl On The Train) will be released on May 2. 
  12. These goats learned how to jump. 
  13. This dog and human duo saved each other and now take on epic adventures. 
  14. There is reason to believe Starbucks is releasing a unicorn frappuccino
  15. Carbs AREN'T bad for you. 
  16. Benefit They're Real Double The Lip lipsticks are coming out soon.
  17. Share this list with all your friends to bring a little happiness to their days. Spreading joy leads to happiness. 

I had tons of fun creating this list for you guys. As always, share any other reasons to be happy down in the comments below - we could definitely all use it! 



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