What To Eat With Your Lastest Netflix Binge

We all need nights where we stay in, throw on our comfy sweats, turn on the TV to our lastest netflix binge, grab some deliciousness, and literally not move off the couch. And while yeah, binge-watching doesn't have to mean binge-eating, every once in a while, this is a totally acceptable way to spend your night. Today I thought I would share a few of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix and what snacks you should pair them with.

How I Met Your Mother and Sombitches - (DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE SHOW/THE FINAL SEASON) There were so many amazing food reference I could have pulled for this one (think The Pineapple Incident, The Best Burger in NY, Gazola's Pizza, TurTurkeyKey), but nothing stands out more than Sombitches - the perfect combo of peanut butter, chocolate, and caramel cookies.

Greys Anatomy and Oreos w/ Peanut Butter Cups - Wanna make the most delicious dessert ever? Twist open the top of your oreo, add in a peanut butter cup, put the top back on, and enjoy! Or you could go a little more classic and just spread some peanut butter on the top à la The Parent Trap. Whatever you decide, this sweet and salty snack is the only thing you need to get you through all 13 seasons of Greys.

Scandal and Popcorn - Of course Olivia Pope would be drinking wine, but that's not a snack, so popcorn seemed like the obvious next choice.

How To Get Away With Murder and M&Ms - Everyone needs a little bit of chocolate in their life, right? The best part of M&Ms is to make it a game - try a blue one every time the phone rings, a red one everytime theres a hookup, and a green one everytime they go and visit someone in jail.

House and French Fries - I don't think I could endorse bingeing Vicodin, so I picked the next best thing, fries. Whether they're curly, steak, happy face, or waffle cut, fries make everything better.

Gilmore Girls and Pie - For some reason, a nice slice of pie screams Gilmore Girls to me. I really don't know why. Try apple ppie, blueberry pie, or this delicious peach pie.

Madame Secretary and Chinese Food - Elizabeth McCord is always busy saving the US from disaster, and what better way to finish off her night other than with Chinese food straight from the container? Channel your inner McCord by eating your favorite Chinese takeout (bonus points if it's leftover from the night before).

Gossip Girl and Macaroons - Don't judge, hear me out. Something about the drama on the Upper East Side calls for something a little more sophisticated.

Lost and Nachos - An intense show calls for something a little heartier; cue some over-the-top nachos. Load these up with cheese, meat, peppers, tomatoes, onions, avocado, salsa, and whatever else you have in your pantry for a delicious meal.

30 Rock and A Pint of Ice Cream - We all have days when everything we do screams Liz Lemon, and what else would Liz Lemon do than finish off a rough day with a pint of ice cream? (You may argue I should have gone with a muffin because my muffin top is all that; whole grain and low fat; I know you want a piece of that; but I'm just here to dance; but ice cream is just so much better).

I lowkey had so much fun writing this post, because you know I really had to do some in depth research into what TV shows and snacks went together best (lots of time sitting on the couch + eating + watching TV = my kind of post). Comment below any other favorite pairs down below, I'd love to hear your opinions! Also, because I watch wayyyy too much TV, I definately see a volume 2 of this type of post in the future! (UPDATE: Check out volume 2 here).



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