The 1 Move Your Workout Routine Is Missing

I've been really into making up my own workout routines lately. I like to pull inspiration from the classes I've been to or some of my favorite online workouts and then just add in some of my othwe favorite moves to make it a full workout thats guaranteed to make me break a sweat. Today I thought I would share the number one workout move I do in all my routines and you should add to all of yours.

The Sliding Plank. You may have seen this one before, but it's because it is so amazing for you. This works your core because you're in a plank, and as you slide you'll engage even deeper and lower in your  core. You'll need 2 sliding disks, but if you don't have these available to you, a towel on hardwood floors or marley will work. Start in a regular plank position with the discs or towel under your feet. Slowly slide backwards, so your elbows do not make a 90° angle with your forearms anymore, they should be slightly more extended. Then using only your core, slide yourself back into the starting position. Repeat this 10x. Also just a note, I recommend trying a few out before you start your workout so you know what muscles you're targeting and how far back you can go without collapsing. Again, this is my all time favorite workout move - it works your entire core and done correctly, it's surprisingly hard!



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