Spring Decor Ideas

I may or may not have just taken down my Christmas lights last week (spoiler alert: I did). But here's the thing: I love Christmas/winter decorations - it makes everything look so festive and happy. But I finally decided that enough is enough and it was about time I transition over into spring decor. So today I thought I would share a few of my ideas for gorgeous spring decor that help spruce up your house!

  • FLOWERS - Ok you probably didn't need me to tell you this, but flowers are essential for spring. If you're like me and struggle to keep anything alive, opt for some fake flowers. I get mine at Michaels - they're inexpensive and gorgeous. I especially love pinks, whites, and light blues. 
  • Towels - For spring, I like to switch out dark towels for something a little lighter. I usually switch out my navy towels or blush or cream. You can usually find some fairly inexpensive seasonal towels at Target which are perfect if you're not going to use them all year round. 
  • Throw Pillows - Another simple tip is to switch out heavy or dark throw pillows for lighter options. Again, I love light pinks and creams. 
  • Shelf Decor - In addition to flowers, I also love to add other spring-y things to my shelves. I take off the mini Christmas trees and anything red/green and add things in lighter colors. I love heading to Target or Homegoods or Michaels to look through their dollar bins for small pieces to add. My favorites? I've found suuuuuper cheap light pink cake stands (which look gorgeous with different collections/items displayed on top), pretty coffee mugs, piggy banks (don't ask why, but they're so cute and scream spring), and fake wood/corks/fern looking stuff (I have no idea what this stuff is actually called but it looks so pretty in different sized glass jars). 

Ok, so these are my ideas for spring decor! I hope you like them! Share some pics with us on insta (@shadowandgolss_) of your spring decor for a chance to be featured! 



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