Making the Ultimate Cheese Platter

I don’t particularly like cheese. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t really like it either. But, no one can resist a good cheese platter. They’re perfect for parties and make any event way more sophisticated. Today, I have a few tips and tricks for making the ultimate cheese plate and wowing guests with your amazing cheese skills(?).

  • The board - An epic selection of cheese on a lame af board is like watching an amazing game on a tiny tv or some other cool metaphor that I can’t think of right now. lol.
  • Talk to the master - Chances are, you are not a fancy cheese-monger or cheese know-it-all. Don’t feel embarrassed asking for some help when choosing the best selections of cheeses. If they really love cheese, they’ll be happy to help you.
  • Mix it up - On your cheese platter, make sure you include a variety of textures and tastes.
  • Keep something familiar - I recommend always having at least one recognizable cheese on the board. It makes it less intimidating to guests to go in and try that and something new.
  • Cut before - Cutting a few pieces of cheese before will make your cheese platter look more inviting and stop your platter from looking like a trainwreck towards the end of the night.
  • Keep pairings unpaired - Not everyone has the same taste, so while you may love a berry compote it doesn’t mean everyone will. I recommend finding cute bowls to place toppings in so that guests can choose what they want and how much of it they want.
  • Some pairings to remember:
    • Toasted bread goes well with everything.
    • Raw honey goes great with strong or stinky cheeses.
    • Dried cherries go well with a more acidic cheese (think Crottin or La Tur).  
    • Something crispy like nuts or crackers go well with a soft and spreadable cheese.

These are the rules I always follow when making a cheese platter to serve at an event. I think it’s so fun to come up with unique and tasty pairings and then making an amazing display. Comment below any other tips you have and what your favorite pairings are and I’ll definitely check them out!



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