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Hey guys!
Today’s post is going to be short and sweet, but super helpful (IMO at least!)

A few months back, I found this online place to buy razors. The razors are much much cheaper than anything you would buy at your local drugstore. Intrigued, I purchased a few different types and started testing them out.

I bought 2 types of women’s razors the Shai Soft Touch and the Shai 6.
I did not love the Shai Soft Touch because I felt the exfoliator surrounding the blazes irritated my skin, but I really loved the Shai 6. The razor blades are very simple, meaning no built in shaving cream, yet very effective. I find that they worked much better than the Venus ones I previously had been using.

I also purchased one men’s razor to test out. I loved the Pace 6 plus too. I found it very similar to the woman’s Shai 6 razors, but just in a different color!

I thought I would share this brand with you because it has saved me a lot of money!

If you have tried these razors, leave your thoughts on them in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading and have a great day/night!


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