Making the Little Black Dress Work for Winter

The LBD is probably the most classic dress out there. But ngl, wearing a skintight tiny dress in the middle of winter is not always ideal. So today I have a few options to help you make your favorite little black dress a little more cold weather appropriate.

  • Change up your texture - Ok technically I said that this post was helping you change up favorite dress, but if I have a tip that will give you an excuse to buy a new dress, I say bring it on! Changing up your dress to either leather or thick lace will instantly make it more winter appropriate. If you can’t go out a buy a new dress, trying pairing your current dress with a leather jacket or lace tights.
  • Add some tights - If you’re planning on wearing your LBD during the day, adding some tights is the perfect way to help keep you warm. I love lacey tights or tights in an unexpected color to really make this look stand out.
  • Throw on a blanket scarf - Blanket scarves have been all over the magazines and fashion blogs this season. Adding a thick blanket scarf in bright colors will help keep you warm and will add a little color to your outfit. This is definitely my favorite way to warm up a little black dress.
  • Add some over the knee boots - Pairing a short dress with tall over the knee boots is a great way to make this look work for winter. I think pairing a short dress with tall boots is a really unexpected but a completely chic way of updating your LBD.
  • Pair it with a long trench - I am lowkey obsessed with this style. I love the way a short black dress looks with a long trench coat. It will help keep you warm and be a super cute way to go from day to night.

So, here it is! These are my favorite ways to make an LBD work for winter. Comment your thoughts down below and as always, if you try any of these looks post a pic on social media for a chance to be featured!



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