Gifting Baked Goods

I LOVE the holidays. Aside from spending time with friends and family, they are the perfect excuse for baking. lol. Baked goods are the perfect gift for anyone on your list and anyone you may have forgotten. Cringe. But packaging baked goods can be difficult - you don’t want them to break but you also want them to look artsy af. So today I have a few tips for how to package and gift baked goods.

  • In A Cookie Tin - We’ll start with the most basic one first. A cookie tin is the perfect way to package baked goods - they come in all different fun shapes, sizes, and patterns. Just line the tin with parchment paper and place your cookies in. If you have frosted cookies, I recommend laying a piece of parchment paper in between each layer of cookies.
  • On A Festive Plate - I was just at Target and in the dollar section I found these adorable plates that said “Cookies for Santa” and “Happy Holidays”. Needless to say, I picked up, like, 20. For these, I put the baked goods right on the plate and then wrapped the whole thing in cellophane, tying the cellophane together with red and green ribbon.
  • In A Stack - For smaller gifts, I wrap them directly in cellophane. This works best with stacks of cookies, bars, or anything long, like chocolate covered pretzels. I place the stack in the center of a piece of cellophane and then gather the ends at the top and tie together with colored ribbon.
  • Single Cupcake Jar - If you’re gifting just a single cupcake a mason jar is the perfect way to go. I always place the cupcake on the lid of the jar and then screw the bottom of the jar on top. This won’t work for shipping, but for a gift you’re giving to someone in person, it’s adorable.
  • In A Jar - For many of one type of cookie, I love to put these in a gorgeous glass jar. These are super inexpensive from The Container Store or Target and it’s like giving too gifts in one.
  • Cupcake Boxes - These are a little more mainstream but still gorgeous. They can be bought from any craft/baking store like Michael's or they can be printed out. If you’re printing them, I recommend using thicker craft paper so they don’t fall apart.
  • To Ship Them - If you want to ship your baked goods, make sure to put them in a sturdy container, like a cookie tin or thick cardboard package. Make sure to put papergrass/confetti/those fun strips of paper in the box so that the cookies won’t break. Then place this in a UPS or FedEx box - I recommend two-day shipping so that they don’t spend a week in the mail.
  • Make them a DIY - If you’re really worried about packaging or shipping cookies, let them back them. Put the dry ingredients for your favorite recipe in a mason jar. Then print out the rest of the recipe in a cute font and tie it on. This is such a cute, and saves you the hassle of packaging cookies.

So, these are all my ideas! Like I said, giving away homemade baked goods in the perfect gift - thoughtful and so much fun to make. Share any other thoughts for packaging baked goods down below, I’d love to hear them!



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